How to find the best bathroom remodeling company

bathroom-renovation 4Finding the best bathroom remodeling company takes a little legwork. The following steps will make a big difference between an incredibly remodeled bathroom and one that will need to be done.

· Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best way to find a professional contractor to remodel your bathroom. Ask your friend, relatives and neighbor which contractors they have had a good experience with and be sure to ask what made the experience good and whether they would hire the contractor again.

· Check the credentials

After getting the recommendations, do some research either by visiting the contractor’s website or calling them. Confirm if they have the required licensing from the local and state municipalities and designation from a professional organization. Choose a contractor who has passed the necessary tests in order to obtain the certification. However, you should know that not all certificates are equal, therefore, be sure to confirm what each certificate entails and what it took to obtain it.

· Interview several candidates

Narrow down the contractors and set up meetings with at least three. Pay attention to how a contractor answer the questions as it is very important. One of the best thing that you can find in a bathroom remodeling contractor is one who listens. Also, keep in mind that it is going to be a long lasting relationship, therefore you should be able to trust the contractor you are going to work with.

· Check References

Before, you invite any contractor to remodel your bathroom, get references from several homeowners. You will want to get true feedback from real people who have dealt with the contractor you are considering to hire.

Request references from the contractor then call his former customers to ask about the quality of his services. Ask how the contractor did the project, did he complete within the budget and on time and above all were they pleased with the outcome? Also, ask about any negative feedback that they may have on the contractor.

· Get the agreement in writing

After selecting the contractor you would like to hire, carefully check his or her documents as well as the contract. Ensure the following details are included in the legal document.

· Payment schedule and the total cost

· The scope of work

· A plan of the site

· An express of the warranty or guarantee

· A change of order clause

· A clause on dispute resolution

· A waiver of lien to prevent supplier and subcontractors from putting lien on your house in case they are not paid by the contractor.

If you are satisfied with the agreement, you can sign it and allow the contractor to begin the bathroom remodeling work.